Home 2 Suites is one of the several hotel projects completed by HEI.  This hotel included 4-stories and 106 guest rooms as well as an onsite pool, fitness room and gathering area.  The site is located at 7753 Davis Highway (SR 291) within Escambia County.  Typical utility, stormwater and hardscape infrastructure improvements were designed, permitted and constructed with this project.  Additionally, an underground Stormtech® stormwater detention vault system is utilized for the treatment and attenuation of stormwater runoff.      

Hawthorne Grove

Hawthorne Grove is a 64 lot public residential subdivision located on Beulah Road in Escambia County, Florida. The development is approximately 24 acres in size and includes 80’ wide residential lots.  Features include underground utilities, asphalt roadways, a dry stormwater detention system and ECUA lift station.


This project included a complete remodel of an old vacated restaurant into a new location for the Ticket Sports Bar.  The development is located at 7333 N. Davis Highway in Escambia County.  Construction included a new 800 sf outdoor covered patio, fire protection, and ADA compliant accessways.  HEI was successful at limiting the increase in impervious surface associated with this project to a level that allowed the project to remain de minimis in regards to stormwater treatment and attenuation.

Perdido Boat & RV Storage

13131 Gulf Beach Highway

Pensacola, Florida 32507

Chris Carrol Automotive

The Chris Carrol Automotive project included a new asphalt parking & vehicle sales display lot, a new stormwater management (SMS) system that included underground conveyance and a treatment and attenuation pond as well as required landscaping. The total parking required for this completed 5,000 sf building facility is 13 stalls; however, as per Chapter 1, Article 2, Section 3-1.2(a) of the Escambia County Design Standards Manual, the required parking ratios were reduced by up to 10% without further justification. As currently proposed, a total of 12 parking stalls were provided on the completed site including 1 ADA compliant van accessible space. The parking lot includes landscape islands and trees in accordance with Chapter 2, Article 2, Section 2-2.2 of the Design Standards Manual.


Pediatric Associates

The Pediatric Associates, P.A. project included the demolition and removal of an existing 2,700 sf+/- building and other on-site improvements. A new 2,470 sf medical office and associated infrastructure were constructed on-site post-demolition. A new asphalt parking lot, stormwater management system and utility connections were constructed. The parking lot also included the applicable ADA compliant parking and access ways. Stormwater improvements included a conventional stormwater pond capable of both treating and attenuating the increased runoff generated by the proposed improvements along with two (2) drainage inlets. The minimum required landscaping was also planted as part of this development. The stormwater system and vehicular use areas were constructed in accordance with both the Santa Rosa County LDC and NWFWMD standards.

St. Michael's Brewing Company

2199 FL-87

Navarre, Florida 32566

Mahogany Mill Public Boat Ramp

This development includes the construction of a public boat ramp including a two (2) lane boat ramp, 60 various sized parking spaces, tie down area with a pump out facility, public gazebo, portable restroom facilities, and an educational kiosk. 


Our Projects:

We have projects in several industries, including: commercial, governmental, healthcare, industrial, multi- family, residential, and single-family residential. 


Avalon Baptist Church was in dire need of new parking facilities to service its rapidly growing congregation and HEI was able to meet their time and budget constraints.  This project included design, permitting and construction of two new asphalt parking lots as well as a new stormwater management system that included an underground conveyance system and pond bottom sand chimney design.  The stormwater system was also designed to accommodate future growth and expansion of the existing building.   


The Lifeguard Ambulance project is located at 4340 Avalon Blvd. (SR 281) and within the limits of Santa Rosa County.  This project included the construction of a new 8,250 sf maintenance building to be utilized for the routine maintenance on Lifeguard Ambulance’s fleet of vehicles.  Additionally, removal and replacement of the existing, poorly functioning stormwater retention pond was conducted as well as construction of a new driveway that interconnected the project parcel with the adjacent landowner to the south.


The Pace KFC project includes the construction of a 5,000 sf +/- fast-food restaurant that includes a drive through.  The project site is located at 4683 Highway 90 within Santa Rosa County.  Prior to this development, the project parcel was utilized as a fueling station.  Prior to construction taking place, the existing underground petroleum storage tanks were permitted for removal and the proper closure documents were filed with FDEP.  Infrastructure improvements designed, permitted and constructed with this project included an asphalt parking lot, block dumpster enclosure, potable water and sanitary sewer connections and an underground Stormtech® stormwater retention vault.  

Slim Chickens

707 W Nine Mile Road

Pensacola, Fl​​